Yeti Contest Spread.JPG

To celebrate the honor of being chosen as the #secondbesttaco in Boulder we have decided to give away #firstbestprizes. 

At first, we thought we would give out some #secondbestprizes, like "slightly used, vintage Pica's tee, complete with post-workout funk", "seasoned Pica's saute pan", or "partially eaten taco plate". 

But we came to our senses and thought, "our Pica's people deserve the BEST" for voting us #secondbesttaco. 

So here are the #firstbestprizes:

  • YETI Tundra 35 Cooler 
  • YETI Roadie Cooler
  • Pica's custom YETI Rambler coffee mugs
  • Pica's El Segundo t-shirts
  • Pica's gift card

People can enter in the store by filling out an entry form and putting it in the cooler, or by picking up one of these awesome El Segundo stickers, taking a photo of it in the wild, and posting it to your social account (this counts for two entries!!!). 

Contest ends December 3, winners chosen December 4.