Pica's Watermelon Juice


Every year we introduce our Watermelon Juice around Cinco de Mayo. But cruelly, we take it away at the end of summer. It's a fleeting, delicious item that you can only get at Pica's. 

In a few weeks it will be gone. As the long days of summer begin to truly wind down we want you to get the most out of our Watermelon Juice so we're sharing this recipe for a delicious Suerte Watermelon Margarita. 


1/2 oz agave syrup*

2 oz watermelon

2 oz Suerte Blanco

1 oz fresh lime juice

Combine all in shaker with ice. Shake shake shake. Strain over ice into highball glass rimmed with salt. 

Write to us and Thank Us. 

*To make agave syrup - one part agave to one part water (i.e. 1/2 cup agave: 1/2 cup water), heat to dissolve agave, cool