Win this custom El Segundo YETI Rambler


We've got four of these custom El Segundo YETI Ramblers that we're giving away. 

You might be thinking, is this something I want? First, answer these two questions...

  1. Do you like hot beverages like coffee, tea, mate, and hot chocolate? Or cold beverages like beer or water or beer or margaritas (like when you're sitting around camp)? 
  2. Do you like Pica's? 
  3. BONUS: Do you like luchadors wrestling tacos?

If you marginally answered yes to one of these, then the answer is DANG RIGHT I WANT ONE OF THOSE EL SEGUNDO RAMBLERS!

Now the question is HOW DO I WIN? 

We're choosing the winners of these on a totally subjective basis. 




TAG US - @picasboulder, @picaslouisville

The most creative social entries will win the RAMBLER. 

Here are some suggestions - El Segundo loves to be outdoors. That could mean he's on a bike ride, at a park, riding ski lifts, visiting beautiful places. He loves to be on cars and drive all over the place seeing new things. He likes to be on your water bottle or your kid's water bottle or your bike or your kid's bike. 

Ready, set, EL SEGUNDO!


El Brisket

Brisket taco.jpg

Perhaps up there with the BEET TACO, no other special taco gets as much love as our Brisket Taco. 

The Brisket Taco is featured this month at both locations as our TACO of the MONTH (pro tip, the Brisket Torta is an amazing sandwich but not always listed, wink wink). 

The Brisket taco was born from a need to have something Texan-y on the menu and was inspired by a trip to Austin's famous Franklin BBQ

I'm not a diehard bbq fan like some people, but here is what I do like about bbq - the intense salt and smoke flavor cut with the sour pickles, onions and, sometimes yes and sometimes no, some sauce to bring it all together. 

Returning from Austin, inspired by Franklin and wanting to do something with brisket, I was faced with a bit of a conundrum - we don't have a smoker. 

But I dove in and found a recipe that borrowed some smoky flavor from chipotles (which isn't just a burrito restaurant).

For me the key to our brisket is two-fold. First, we braise the brisket until tender, then use the braising liquid to saute up the brisket when ordered - EXTRA UMAMI!

Second, the pickled chiles, carrots and chopped onion, help replicate that Texas bbq flavor. 


Yeti Contest Spread.JPG

To celebrate the honor of being chosen as the #secondbesttaco in Boulder we have decided to give away #firstbestprizes. 

At first, we thought we would give out some #secondbestprizes, like "slightly used, vintage Pica's tee, complete with post-workout funk", "seasoned Pica's saute pan", or "partially eaten taco plate". 

But we came to our senses and thought, "our Pica's people deserve the BEST" for voting us #secondbesttaco. 

So here are the #firstbestprizes:

  • YETI Tundra 35 Cooler 
  • YETI Roadie Cooler
  • Pica's custom YETI Rambler coffee mugs
  • Pica's El Segundo t-shirts
  • Pica's gift card

People can enter in the store by filling out an entry form and putting it in the cooler, or by picking up one of these awesome El Segundo stickers, taking a photo of it in the wild, and posting it to your social account (this counts for two entries!!!). 

Contest ends December 3, winners chosen December 4. 

Would Dwight Schrute love our BEET TACOS? Five things to know if you're a fan of The BEET TACO...

Beet Taco Sept 2017.jpg

Earthy. Sweet. Salty. Straight-up delish. Our beet tacos have earned a cult-like following that would make Dwight Schrute proud. Here’s five tidbits you should know about our beloved vegetarian taco:


  1. Unofficially it's the most talked about taco at Pica's. People looooooove to talk to us about the beets.

  2. The beet taco was inspired by the BEET fries and kewpie mayo at Austin's East Side King.

  3. The Queso a la Plancha taco from Pinche Tacos was the inspiration for the griddled cotija we start the beet taco with. Thanks Pinche - we love your food!  

  4. When first introduced on our specials board, we had a lot of big dudes ordering the "BEEF Tacos." They were puzzled when the beef turned out to be purple and sweet.

  5. We tried to take the beets off the menu and people got ANGRY!

  6. Beets make your pee pink!!! Seriously, it’s a thing with a name: Beeturia. Go ahead and look it up on Wikipedia.


Rewind a few years and we were looking to introduce more vegetarian options. This was coming off the beet/goat cheese/hazelnut salad craze, but we were still loving beets on everything.

During that time we ate at Paul Qui's East Side King in Austin and LOVED the Beet Fries, togarishi spice and kewpie mayo combo. Inspired,  we began experimenting with what would become the beet taco. We knew we wanted a salty cheese to pair with the sweet beets. And we wanted some kind of aioli to match that kewpie mayo we really liked.

After many variations, and honestly becoming pretty sick of beets at this point, we introduced the beet taco, expecting it to possibly have a short life on the specials board and be gone. But the beets persisted. We kept trying to strike them from the specials board only to face some serious beet backlash. So, finally, when it was time to revise our menu a couple of years back, we made way for the beets and never looked back.

If you have never tried them, there’s no time like now. My personal recommendation: one beet taco, one baja shrimp taco, and a small chopped salad. It’s the perfect meal. Give it a try and let us know what you think.