El Segundo Contest Winners!!!

Last Spring we were honored to be voted the SECOND BEST TACO in Boulder. We were also humored by this notion that there could be a first best and a second best taco and so on. After all, which taco of ours was second best and how could that possibly be determined? While thrilled to be acknowledged, we decided to embrace the idea and have some fun with it. 

We created "El Segundo", the hardest working luchador in all the land who is always second place. 

We created t-shirts - "Proudly serving the second best taco in Boulder". 

And we held a contest giving away TWO YETI COOLERS and several custom YETI Rambler mugs emblazoned with El Segundo. 

In addition to giving away our Yeti coolers & Ramblers we gave away many gift cards to some of the most creative entries. 

Did you win? Check your email to find out.

Thank you to everyone for your support. We'll definitely be counting on your support to vote for us for FIRST BEST TACO come 2018!