Masa Masa Masa

Rosa, making the tortillas. If you're nice, maybe she'll give you one while you wait in line. 

Stack of fresh corn tortillas, still warm from the griddle

We think that if Jan Brady worked at Pica's today, she would of course be exclaiming "Masa, Masa, Masa!" because that's what we're thinking about A LOT. 

Everyday at both of our locations, we make corn tortillas fresh. We have four women who come in through out the week and do the work you just don't really see in Mexican restaurants in the United States - they mix the corn flour (masa), with some water and salt, roll up some balls of dough, press them, and cook them. 

At each location we do between 200-400 tortillas a day depending on the time of year. 

That's a lot of masa and we think Jan would be proud...


Maybe she really meant Masa Masa Masa?

Maybe she really meant Masa Masa Masa?

Karen Yust

Karen, in purple, with her team of helpers. 

We opened Pica's Boulder without much of a plan for art. Good Apples contributed some screen printed art and then we just sort of fudged the rest. 

And then one day we were approached by a woman who said that her friend makes Mexican mosaic artwork and she would be interested in having us check it out. 

We agreed to check it out and as soon as we met Karen, we knew it was a good fit. 

We decided to let her hang some art for 3 months and we'd throw a little cocktail party. 

That was in November of 2012. Karen's art has now been on our walls in Boulder for over four years and we made sure that her art would be part of our walls at the new location in Louisville. 

This month we've been highlighting some of Karen's Valentine's Day art on our Instagram and Facebook pages. 

You can see more of Karen's art at her website Casa de Yuste.

Valentine's Day mosaic

Valentine's Day themed Mosaic

Valentine's Day themed mosaic