Do you even Adobado bro?


I feel like our Adobado is the black sheep of the menu, but I tend to think of it as the unsung hero. 

I mean all day, the name just gets abused by people basically in this form - "I'll take the adoobadoobadoo?" 

A little piece of me dies whenever I hear that. 

So what is Adobado? We see variations of this word all over - adobo, adovado...but what is it? There’s Philippino adobo and then there’s a Spanish origin adobo. It’s possible that the Phillipino version influenced the Spanish version but it was definitely the Spanish version that came to Mexico.

At Pica’s we tell customers it’s similar to a Mexican bbq sauce but that doesn’t quite do it justice. It shares the complexity of a mole – many ingredients cooked together to create a complex balance of flavors.

Most often you will see adobo used as a marinade or flavoring.

At Pica’s we make an Adobado sauce. We use it to smother our Pork Adobado burrito but it would also be lovely on a veggie burrito. We use it to saute up duck carnitas for our duck tacos (topped with cilantro and lovely pickled onions) and we also use it in our pork carnitas for our carnitas torta.

It’s vegan, it’s delicious, we encourage you to try it.

Just please don't call it Adoobadoobadoo. Please.