SEcond best taco!

The people of Boulder County have spoken and they have determined that Pica’s has the SECOND BEST TACO in all the land (that land being Boulder County)!

Some people might be upset about playing second fiddle. They might think the ballot box was stuffed or the voting was rigged, or worse – the people have bad taste!

But not us, we’re pretty psyched with SECOND BEST TACO. In fact, we’re kind of relieved.

Can you imagine living with the pressure of having the FIRST BEST TACO? Every day when you’re making those tacos you’re thinking, “man, is this the first best taco in all the land?” The stress, the pressure – it can break a person.

But with second best we can relax a little bit and say to ourselves – "have we just made the second best taco we can make? Yes, we have." And we can serve you the second best taco comfortable with our place in the world.

So thank you people of Boulder for taking the pressure off of us. We’ll still work hard and serve great food, but we’re only going to work hard enough to serve the SECOND BEST TACO.

Pica’s – serving up the SECOND BEST TACO in Boulder.

Thank you!