Presenting El Segundo

El Segundo y Taco

After being voted the "SECOND BEST TACO" in the Boulder Weekly Best Of Poll, we could have been angry, we could have tweeted in mock disdain of awards polls. 

But instead we decided to OWN IT.

If we are going to be SECOND, we're going to have some fun with it. 

So we created EL SEGUNDO. He is the ambassador of our SECOND place honor.

El Segundo is a hard-working luchador. He is strong, he is fit, he is persistent and gritty. But no matter how hard he tries he always comes out SECOND BEST. 

Sometimes it makes him sad, sometimes he's ambivalent about it, but for the most part he's okay with it. After all, of all the luchadors in the land, he is the SECOND BEST and while he will keep trying to be FIRST BEST, for now he is honored to be SECOND. 

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