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Why would we promote having the SECOND BEST TACO in Boulder? 

Because we're proud!

We opened Pica's Boulder in 2010 with very little fanfare. We didn't have big budgets for advertising and branding. We didn't have the clout of a big name restaurant group behind us. We were tucked into the corner of what was then a shady shopping center. 

But we knew we had good food so we kept grinding away. And slowly, you, our people, our customers, found us. 

And somehow, without running a campaign, or spending any money on advertising or telling people to vote for us, we got voted as the SECOND BEST TACO in Boulder. 

We'll have much more to say about having the SECOND BEST TACO in Boulder in the days to come. For now, follow us on Instagram and Facebook for all the updates. 

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