Pica's School Project!

Pica’s has long been a supporter of local community non-profits and schools.

For many years we have tried the traditional “Dine-out” or “Spirit night”, but something about that model didn’t resonate with us. We wanted to give back more without forcing people in on one particular night and without overwhelming our staff and kitchen on those nights.

In the Winter of 2019 we introduced the Pica’s School Project as a way to still give back, hopefully give back more, but get away from the Spirit Night model.

So what is the Pica’s School Project? Every Monday from September - May, 15% of ALL SALES will go back to our local partner school for that month.

Customers do not need to mention any affiliation with any school, nor do they even need to know what the Pica’s School Project is. When they dine out on Mondays 15% is going back to our schools.

School Project Guidelines.jpg