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Why would we promote having the SECOND BEST TACO in Boulder? 

Because we're proud!

We opened Pica's Boulder in 2010 with very little fanfare. We didn't have big budgets for advertising and branding. We didn't have the clout of a big name restaurant group behind us. We were tucked into the corner of what was then a shady shopping center. 

But we knew we had good food so we kept grinding away. And slowly, you, our people, our customers, found us. 

And somehow, without running a campaign, or spending any money on advertising or telling people to vote for us, we got voted as the SECOND BEST TACO in Boulder. 

We'll have much more to say about having the SECOND BEST TACO in Boulder in the days to come. For now, follow us on Instagram and Facebook for all the updates. 

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Pica's Watermelon Juice


Every year we introduce our Watermelon Juice around Cinco de Mayo. But cruelly, we take it away at the end of summer. It's a fleeting, delicious item that you can only get at Pica's. 

In a few weeks it will be gone. As the long days of summer begin to truly wind down we want you to get the most out of our Watermelon Juice so we're sharing this recipe for a delicious Suerte Watermelon Margarita. 


1/2 oz agave syrup*

2 oz watermelon

2 oz Suerte Blanco

1 oz fresh lime juice

Combine all in shaker with ice. Shake shake shake. Strain over ice into highball glass rimmed with salt. 

Write to us and Thank Us. 

*To make agave syrup - one part agave to one part water (i.e. 1/2 cup agave: 1/2 cup water), heat to dissolve agave, cool

Presenting El Segundo

El Segundo y Taco

After being voted the "SECOND BEST TACO" in the Boulder Weekly Best Of Poll, we could have been angry, we could have tweeted in mock disdain of awards polls. 

But instead we decided to OWN IT.

If we are going to be SECOND, we're going to have some fun with it. 

So we created EL SEGUNDO. He is the ambassador of our SECOND place honor.

El Segundo is a hard-working luchador. He is strong, he is fit, he is persistent and gritty. But no matter how hard he tries he always comes out SECOND BEST. 

Sometimes it makes him sad, sometimes he's ambivalent about it, but for the most part he's okay with it. After all, of all the luchadors in the land, he is the SECOND BEST and while he will keep trying to be FIRST BEST, for now he is honored to be SECOND. 

Check out our Facebook (FB Louisville, FB Boulder) and Instagram pages for updates on EL SEGUNDO and the beauty of being Second. 

Kid's Eat Free for Back to School!

 It's back to school time!

It's back to school time!

Back to school time is at once exciting, scary, anxious, mentally and emotionally draining. 

The long, slow days of summer suddenly give way to early bed times and earlier alarm clocks. New schedules, new friends, new classrooms, a new year - it all takes a toll on our little ones (and bigger ones). 

And as parents, it is taxing on us as well. We're figuring out new schedules, balancing work, adjusting to our kids' emotional roller coaster. It can be a tough transition. 

The last thing you want to worry about during all of this is WHAT'S FOR DINNER? 

Pica's is making it easy - kid's eat free (both Louisville and Boulder) for the first two weeks of the BVSD school year - August 14 - 25, 2017. Any item on our kid's menu is free as long as an adult is eating as well. 

Just mention to your server "Back to School Special" Please, and we'll take care of you!

We hope you had a great summer and here's to kicking off the school year right!